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flash calculation given pressure and quality
kq--flag specifying units for input quality
kq = 1 quality on MOLAR basis [moles vapor/total moles]
kq = 2 quality on MASS basis [mass vapor/total mass]

src/l/i/librefprop.so-HEAD/python/example.py   librefprop.so(Download)
RP = RefpropSI()
RP.SETUPFLEX(xkg=xkg, FluidNames=names)
T_A,p_A,D_A,Dl_A,Dv_A,q_A,e_A,h_A,s_A,cv_A,cp_A,w_A = RP.PQFLSH(p, 0)
T_B,p_B,D_B,Dl_B,Dv_B,q_B,e_B,h_B,s_B,cv_B,cp_B,w_B = RP.PQFLSH(p, 1)
T_C,p_C,D_C,Dl_C,Dv_C,q_C,e_C,h_C,s_C,cv_C,cp_C,w_C = RP.TQFLSH(T, 0)