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iterate for saturated liquid and vapor states given temperature
kph--phase flag: 1=bubblepoint, 2=dewpoint, 3=freezingpoint, 4=sublimationpoint

src/l/i/librefprop.so-HEAD/python/example.py   librefprop.so(Download)
# Condensed liquid with a subcooling of 5 deg C
T_1 = C(20)
T, p_1, Dl, Dv = RP.SATT(T_1+deltaT,kph=1)
T_1,p_1,D_1,Dl_1,Dv_1,q_1,e_1,h_1,s_1,cv_1,cp_1,w_1 = RP.TPFLSH(T_1,p_1)
pointsTable.add_row(["Point 1",K(T_1),Pa(p_1),milli(h_1),milli(s_1)])