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Jaro-Winkler Search Algorithm

src/p/y/pywurfl-7.2.1/doc/examples/interactive_gui.py   pywurfl(Download)
from wurfl import *
from pywurfl.exceptions import *
from pywurfl.algorithms import Tokenizer, JaroWinkler, TwoStepAnalysis
    from pywurfl.algorithms import JaroWinkler
tssearch = TwoStepAnalysis(devices)
jsearch = JaroWinkler(accuracy=.85)
tsearch = Tokenizer()

src/p/y/pywurfl-7.2.1/doc/examples/wsgi_middleware.py   pywurfl(Download)
from pywurfl.algorithms import JaroWinkler
from pywurfl.exceptions import DeviceNotFound

src/m/o/mobile.sniffer-1.0.0/mobile/sniffer/wurlf/sniffer.py   mobile.sniffer(Download)
import Levenshtein
from pywurfl.algorithms import Tokenizer, JaroWinkler, Algorithm
from pywurfl import DeviceNotFound
class CustomJaroWinkler(JaroWinkler):
    JaroWinkley algo implementation which exposes the hit accuracy.
    XXX: HACK: We create clone of the device and stick the match accuracy there,