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General exception class

Raised when an operation should not continue if an object exists.

src/p/y/pywurfl-7.2.1/pywurfl/__init__.py   pywurfl(Download)
from copy import copy
from pywurfl.exceptions import (WURFLException, ActualDeviceRootNotFound,
                                DeviceNotFound, ExistsException)
from pywurfl.algorithms.wurfl import normalizers
            self.devids[u'generic'].groups[group] = []
            raise ExistsException(u"'%s' group exists" % group)
    def remove_group(self, group):
        for grp, caps in self.devids[u'generic'].groups.iteritems():
            if capability in caps:
                raise ExistsException(u"'%s' capability exists in group '%s'" %
                                      (capability, grp))
            raise DeviceNotFound(parent)
        if devid in self.devids:
            raise ExistsException(u"'%s' device already exists" % devid)
        elif devua in self.devuas:
            dup_devid = self.devuas[devua].devid
            raise ExistsException(u"'%s' duplicate user agent with '%s'" %