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pywurfl base exception class.

src/p/y/pywurfl-7.2.1/pywurfl/__init__.py   pywurfl(Download)
from copy import copy
from pywurfl.exceptions import (WURFLException, ActualDeviceRootNotFound,
                                DeviceNotFound, ExistsException)
from pywurfl.algorithms.wurfl import normalizers
        _unicode_check(u'group', group)
        if group not in self.devids[u'generic'].groups:
            raise WURFLException(u"'%s' group not found" % group)
        caps = self.devids[u'generic'].groups[group]
        generic = self.devids[u'generic']
            raise WURFLException(u"'%s' capability not found" % capability)
        generic = self.devids[u'generic']
        self._remove_capability(generic, capability)
        _unicode_check(u'devua', devua)
        if child == u'generic':
            raise WURFLException(u"cannot insert device before generic device")
        if child not in self.devids:
            raise DeviceNotFound(child)
            raise DeviceNotFound(devid)
        if devid == u'generic':
            raise WURFLException(u"cannot remove generic device")
        device = self.devids[devid]

src/p/y/pywurfl-7.2.1/pywurfl/serialize.py   pywurfl(Download)
from pywurfl import __version__ as pw_version
from pywurfl.exceptions import WURFLException
                msg = "'%s' capability does not belong to a generic group"
                raise WURFLException(msg % cap)
        return group

src/p/y/pywurfl-7.2.1/pywurfl/wurflprocessor.py   pywurfl(Download)
from xml.etree.ElementTree import parse
from pywurfl.exceptions import WURFLException
class DeferredDeviceError(WURFLException):
    Deferred Device Error Exception
    Raised when all devices have been processed and there are still deferred

src/p/y/pywurfl-7.2.1/pywurfl/ql.py   pywurfl(Download)
                       alphanums, alphas, nums, oneOf, delimitedList)
from pywurfl.exceptions import WURFLException
class QueryLanguageError(WURFLException):
    """Base exception class for pywurfl.ql"""