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src/q/u/quality_report-1.0/unittests/report_tests.py   quality_report(Download)
                          FakeMetric('yellow'), FakeMetric('grey'),
        self.__section = report.Section(self.__header, self.__metrics)
    def test_title(self):
        # IDE. Don't understand why. 
        header = report.SectionHeader('TE', 'another title', 'subtitle')
        section = report.Section(header, metrics)
        self.assertEqual('yellow', section.color())
        metrics = [FakeMetric('green'), FakeMetric('perfect'), 
        section = report.Section(self.__header, metrics)
        self.assertEqual('grey', section.color())
    def test_color_green(self):
        ''' Test that the section is green when no metrics are red, yellow or
            grey. '''
        metrics = [FakeMetric('green'), FakeMetric('perfect')]
        section = report.Section(self.__header, metrics)
    def test_color_perfect(self):
        ''' Test that the section is green when all metrics are perfect. '''
        metrics = [FakeMetric('perfect')]
        section = report.Section(self.__header, metrics)
        self.assertEqual('green', section.color())

src/q/u/quality_report-1.0/unittests/metric/product/dependency_metric_tests.py   quality_report(Download)
import unittest
from qualitylib import metric, domain
from qualitylib.report import Section
    def get_product_section(product_name, product_version):
        # pylint: disable=unused-argument
        ''' Return the section for the product/version. '''
        return Section('', [])