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src/q/u/QuantPy-HEAD/examples/event_ex.py   QuantPy(Download)
# Grab a profile
P = qp.Portfolio(['GOOG','IBM','INTC'])
# Define your asset you want to test.

src/q/u/QuantPy-HEAD/examples/nplot_ex.py   QuantPy(Download)
# Get portfolio
P = qp.Portfolio(syms)
# Make plots of normalized returns.

src/q/u/QuantPy-HEAD/examples/min_variance_returns_ex.py   QuantPy(Download)
from pylab import *
import quantpy as qp
# Get portfolio.
P = qp.Portfolio(['IBM','GOOG','MSFT','AAPL','INTC'])

src/q/u/QuantPy-HEAD/examples/efficient_frontier_plot_ex.py   QuantPy(Download)
# Grap portfolio
P = qp.Portfolio(['GOOG','IBM','INTC','MSFT','AAPL'])
# Plot effiecent frontier