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src/m/w/mwlib.ext-0.13.2/upstream-src/src/reportlab/pdfgen/textobject.py   mwlib.ext(Download)
from types import *
from reportlab.lib.colors import Color, CMYKColor, CMYKColorSep, toColor, black, white, _CMYK_black, _CMYK_white
from reportlab.lib.utils import fp_str, remove_noprint
from reportlab.pdfbase import pdfmetrics
        directions = { 'LTR': DIR_LTR, 'RTL': DIR_RTL }
        text = log2vis(text, directions.get(self.direction, DIR_ON), reordernsm=False)
        text = remove_noprint(text)
        canv = self._canvas
        font = pdfmetrics.getFont(self._fontname)

src/m/w/mwlib.ext-0.13.2/upstream-src/src/reportlab/pdfbase/pdfmetrics.py   mwlib.ext(Download)
from reportlab.pdfbase import _fontdata
from reportlab.lib.logger import warnOnce
from reportlab.lib.utils import rl_isfile, rl_glob, rl_isdir, open_and_read, open_and_readlines, findInPaths, remove_noprint
from reportlab import rl_config
defaultEncoding = rl_config.defaultEncoding
def stringWidth(text, fontName, fontSize, encoding='utf8'):
    """Compute width of string in points;
    not accelerated as fast enough because of _instanceStringWidthU"""
    text = log2vis(text, DIR_RTL if rl_config.rtl else DIR_LTR)
    text = remove_noprint(text)