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Draws a rectangle with rounded corners.  The corners are
approximately quadrants of a circle, with the given radius.

src/o/t/otl-HEAD/otl/apps/timetable/views.py   otl(Download)
            offset = height / 2.0
            c.setFillColorRGB(0.92, 0.92, 0.92)
            c.roundRect(left, bottom, width, height, 4.0, 1, 1)
            c.setFillColorRGB(0, 0, 0)
            c.setFont(sanserif_bold_name, 9)

src/r/e/reportlab-3.1.8/tests/test_pdfgen_general.py   reportlab(Download)
    t.textLine('canvas.rect(x, y, width, height) - x,y is lower left')
    t.setTextOrigin(4*inch, 6.55*inch)