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return bottom,top offsets relative to baseline(0)

        def imgVRange(h,va,fontSize):
    '''return bottom,top offsets relative to baseline(0)'''
    if va=='baseline':
        iyo = 0
    elif va in ('text-top','top'):
        iyo = fontSize-h
    elif va=='middle':
        iyo = fontSize - (1.2*fontSize+h)*0.5
    elif va in ('text-bottom','bottom'):
        iyo = fontSize - 1.2*fontSize
    elif va=='super':
        iyo = 0.5*fontSize
    elif va=='sub':
        iyo = -0.5*fontSize
    elif hasattr(va,'normalizedValue'):
        iyo = va.normalizedValue(fontSize)
        iyo = va
    return iyo,iyo+h

src/r/e/reportlab-3.1.8/src/reportlab/platypus/xpreformatted.py   reportlab(Download)
__doc__='''A 'rich preformatted text' widget allowing internal markup'''
from reportlab.lib import PyFontify
from reportlab.platypus.paragraph import Paragraph, cleanBlockQuotedText, _handleBulletWidth, \
     ParaLines, _getFragWords, stringWidth, getAscentDescent, imgVRange, imgNormV
from reportlab.lib.utils import isSeq
                        cbDefn = getattr(f,'cbDefn',None)
                        if getattr(cbDefn,'width',0):
                            descent,ascent = imgVRange(imgNormV(cbDefn.height,fontSize),cbDefn.valign,fontSize)
                            ascent, descent = getAscentDescent(fontName,fontSize)