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Find tags and other markup and call handler functions.

    p = HTMLParser()

Start tags are handled by calling self.handle_starttag() or
self.handle_startendtag(); end tags by self.handle_endtag().  The(more...)

src/r/e/reportlab-3.1.8/tools/pythonpoint/stdparser.py   reportlab(Download)
from reportlab.lib.enums import TA_LEFT, TA_RIGHT, TA_CENTER, TA_JUSTIFY
from reportlab.lib.utils import recursiveImport
from reportlab.platypus.paraparser import HTMLParser, known_entities
from tools.pythonpoint import pythonpoint
from reportlab.platypus import figures
class PPMLParser(HTMLParser):
    attributes = {
        #this defines the available attributes for all objects,
        #and their default values.  Although these don't have to
        #be strings, the ones parsed from the XML do, so