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src/t/e/teamlab-python-HEAD/teamlab/apps/reports/views.py   teamlab-python(Download)
from projects.models import Project
from tasks.models import Task
from reports.models import Report, Comment
from django.db.models import Q
import datetime
def generate_weekly(request):
    report = Report()
    report.generated_by = request.user
    return redirect(reverse('reports_weekly_generated', kwargs={ 'report_id':report.id }))

src/p/a/patchman-0.9.1/patchman/reports/views.py   patchman(Download)
from util.filterspecs import Filter, FilterBar
from reports.models import Report

src/p/a/patchman-0.9.1/patchman/reports/admin.py   patchman(Download)
from django.contrib import admin
from reports.models import Report

src/p/a/patchman-0.9.1/patchman/patchman/views.py   patchman(Download)
from repos.models import Repository, Mirror
from packages.models import Package
from reports.models import Report

src/p/a/patchman-0.9.1/patchman/hosts/views.py   patchman(Download)
from arch.models import MachineArchitecture
from operatingsystems.models import OS, OSGroup
from reports.models import Report
from hosts.forms import EditHostForm

src/p/a/patchman-0.9.1/patchman/hosts/utils.py   patchman(Download)
def remove_reports(host, timestamp):
    """ Remove all but the last 3 reports for a host
    from reports.models import Report