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The URL Generator generates URL's

It is automatically instantiated by the RoutesMiddleware and put
into the ``wsgiorg.routing_args`` tuple accessible as::

    url = environ['wsgiorg.routing_args'][0][0]

Or via the ``routes.url`` key::

    url = environ['routes.url'](more...)

src/p/y/pybald-0.2.6/pybald/core/router.py   pybald(Download)
import re
from webob import Request, Response, exc
from routes import Mapper, request_config, URLGenerator
# handle Mako's top level lookup
from mako import exceptions
            match = route = None
        url = URLGenerator(self.map, environ)
        config = request_config()
        if route and route.redirect:
            route_name = '_redirect_{0}'.format(id(route))
            location = url(route_name, **match)
            return Response(location=location,

src/m/e/mediagoblin-HEAD/mediagoblin/app.py   mediagoblin(Download)
        ## Attach utilities to the request object
        request.matchdict = route_match
        request.urlgen = routes.URLGenerator(self.routing, environ)
        # Do we really want to load this via middleware?  Maybe?
        request.session = request.environ['beaker.session']