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src/s/a/sahara-HEAD/sahara/service/validations/edp/job.py   sahara(Download)
    job_type, subtype = edp.split_job_type(data.get("type"))
    streaming = (job_type == edp.JOB_TYPE_MAPREDUCE and
                 subtype == edp.JOB_SUBTYPE_STREAMING)
    # Pig or Hive flow has to contain script in mains, may also use libs

src/s/a/sahara-HEAD/sahara/service/validations/edp/job_executor.py   sahara(Download)
        if job_type == edp.JOB_TYPE_MAPREDUCE and (
                subtype == edp.JOB_SUBTYPE_STREAMING
                and not _streaming_present(data)):
            raise ex.InvalidDataException("%s job "