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src/p/y/python-saharaclient-0.7.0/saharaclient/api/shell.py   python-saharaclient(Download)
def _show_job_binary_data(data):
    columns = ('id', 'name')
    utils.print_list(data, columns)
def do_plugin_list(cs, args):
    """Print a list of available plugins."""
    plugins = cs.plugins.list()
    columns = ('name', 'versions', 'title')
    utils.print_list(plugins, columns,
def do_image_list(cs, args):
    """Print a list of available images."""
    images = cs.images.list()
    columns = ('name', 'id', 'username', 'tags', 'description')
    utils.print_list(images, columns, {'tags': _print_list_field('tags')})
    columns = ('name', 'id', 'status', 'node_count')
    utils.print_list(clusters, columns)
def do_node_group_template_list(cs, args):
    """Print a list of available node group templates."""
    templates = cs.node_group_templates.list()
    columns = ('name', 'id', 'plugin_name', 'node_processes', 'description')
    utils.print_list(templates, columns,