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src/a/p/apidev-sanza-3.0.4/sanza/Crm/search_forms.py   apidev-sanza(Download)
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from django.db.models import Q, Count
from sanza.Crm.widgets import CityNoCountryAutoComplete, GroupAutoComplete
from sanza.Crm.utils import get_default_country
    def _get_widget(self):
        return GroupAutoComplete(attrs={
            'placeholder': _(u'Enter part of the group name'), 'size': '80',
            qs = qs.order_by('name')
        field = forms.ModelChoiceField(qs, label=self._label,
            widget = GroupAutoComplete(attrs={'placeholder': _(u'Enter part of the group name'), 'size': '80'}))