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Log 'msg % args' with severity 'WARNING'.

To pass exception information, use the keyword argument exc_info with
a true value, e.g.

logger.warning("Houston, we have a %s", "bit of a problem", exc_info=1)

src/a/p/apidev-sanza-3.0.4/sanza/Crm/utils.py   apidev-sanza(Download)
            parent = qs[0]
            if country_count>1:
                logger.warning(u"{0} different zones for '{1}'".format(country_count, country))   
        code = zip_code[:2] or default_department
    if cities_count:
        if cities_count>1:
            logger.warning(u"{0} different cities for '{1}' {2}".format(cities_count, city_name, parent))
        return qs[0]

src/a/p/apidev-sanza-3.0.4/sanza/Crm/views.py   apidev-sanza(Download)
                warning_text = _(u"The action type has no document template defined: Unable to create the corresponding document")
            if warning_text:
                user_message.warning(self.request, warning_text)
                raise Http404