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Note: ignores nodes prior to the document element, such as PIs and
text nodes
This filter is only designed to work if you set features
to 1 on the parser you use.  It will not work on drivers that
do not support these features.  The default drv_expat works fine
in this case, but of course has but very limited DTD processing.
It also collapses CDATA sections into plain text(more...)

src/4/s/4Suite-XML-1.0.2/Ft/Xml/ThirdParty/Xvif/iframe.py   4Suite-XML(Download)
import Ft.Xml
from types import *
from sax2dom_chunker import sax2dom_chunker
from Ft.Xml import Domlette
        if self.type != "http://relaxng.org/ns/structure/1.0":
            rng._Callback.startElementNS(self, schema, name, qname, attrs)
            self.handler = sax2dom_chunker(domimpl=Domlette.implementation)
            #for prefix in schema.context.prefixes.keys():
            #    if prefix != "xml":