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Regular expression replacement. Target is either compiled re object or
string that will be compiled into one. Replacement is either string or
function that takes re match object as a parameter and returns replacement

src/s/a/say-1.2.3/test/test_text.py   say(Download)
def test_re_replace():
    t = Text('a\nb\nc\nd')
    assert t.lines == 'a b c d'.split()
    t.re_replace(r'[b]', 'B')
    t.re_replace(r'd', lambda m: m.group(0).upper())
    assert t.lines == 'a B c D'.split()
    t1 = Text('and then there were none'.split())
    t1.re_replace(r'(?P<art>the)', lambda m: '*' + m.art.upper() + '*')