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src/n/v/nvda-HEAD/source/virtualBuffers/__init__.py   nvda(Download)
import NVDAObjects
import api
import sayAllHandler
import controlTypes
import textInfos.offsets

src/n/v/nvda-HEAD/source/appModules/powerpnt.py   nvda(Download)
import api
import speech
import sayAllHandler
import winUser
from treeInterceptorHandler import TreeInterceptor

src/n/v/nvda-HEAD/source/speech.py   nvda(Download)
def cancelSpeech():
	"""Interupts the synthesizer from currently speaking"""
	global beenCanceled, isPaused, _speakSpellingGenerator
	# Import only for this function to avoid circular import.
	import sayAllHandler

src/n/v/nvda-HEAD/source/NVDAHelper.py   nvda(Download)
	if not isinstance(focus,NVDAObjects.window.Window) or (threadID!=focus.windowThreadID and focus.windowClassName!="ConsoleWindowClass"):
		return 0
	import sayAllHandler
	#Never announce changes while in sayAll (#1676)
	if sayAllHandler.isRunning():

src/n/v/nvda-HEAD/source/globalCommands.py   nvda(Download)
import textInfos
import speech
import sayAllHandler
from NVDAObjects import NVDAObject, NVDAObjectTextInfo
import globalVars