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src/s/b/sbgsdk-0.5.4/sbgsdk/sgw.py   sbgsdk(Download)
from sbgsdk.wrapper import Wrapper, _get_method_requirements
error = NotImplementedError('Methods split, work and merge must be overridden.')
class ScatterGatherWrapper(Wrapper):

src/s/b/sbgsdk-0.5.4/sbgsdk/spw.py   sbgsdk(Download)
import functools
import itertools
import operator
from sbgsdk.wrapper import Wrapper
from sbgsdk import require
class SimpleParallelWrapper(Wrapper):

src/s/b/sbgsdk-0.5.4/sbgsdk/cli.py   sbgsdk(Download)
from sbgsdk.job import Job
from sbgsdk.util import import_name
from sbgsdk.wrapper import Wrapper
from sbgsdk.executor import Tassadar