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src/s/b/sbo-selenium-0.4.1/sbo_selenium/management/commands/selenium.py   sbo-selenium(Download)
        sc_process = None
        selenium_process = None
        if 'platform' in options and settings.SELENIUM_SAUCE_CONNECT_PATH:
            running, sc_process = self.verify_sauce_connect_is_running(options)
            if not running:
            # None of the following Sauce OnDemand stuff applies
        if settings.SELENIUM_SAUCE_CONNECT_PATH:
            host = 'localhost'
            port = '4445'
          later; if it was already running, this value is "None"
        sc_path = settings.SELENIUM_SAUCE_CONNECT_PATH
        if len(sc_path) < 2:
            self.stdout.write('You need to configure SELENIUM_SAUCE_CONNECT_PATH')