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src/x/s/xsbs-HEAD/src/pyscripts/xsbs/users/privilege.py   xsbs(Download)
def onSetMaster(cn, hash):
	if hash == sbserver.hashPassword(cn, sbserver.adminPassword()):
def onAuthSuccess(cn, name):

src/x/s/xsbs-HEAD/src/pyscripts/xsbs/users/__init__.py   xsbs(Download)
def onSetMaster(cn, givenhash):
	p = player(cn)
	adminhash = sbserver.hashPassword(cn, sbserver.adminPassword())
		na = dbmanager.query(NickAccount).filter(NickAccount.nick==p.name()).one()
		p.message(error('Multiple names linked to this account.  Contact the system administrator.'))
		nickhash = sbserver.hashPassword(cn, na.user.password)
		if givenhash == nickhash:
			login(cn, na.user)