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src/x/s/xsbs-HEAD/src/pyscripts/xsbs/players/__init__.py   xsbs(Download)
	def ipLong(self):
		'''Ip of client as long'''
		return sbserver.playerIpLong(self.cn)
	def ipString(self):
		'''Ip of client as decimal octet string'''

src/x/s/xsbs-HEAD/src/pyscripts/xsbs/ban.py   xsbs(Download)
def ban(cn, seconds, reason, banner_cn):
	ip = sbserver.playerIpLong(cn)
	expiration = time.time() + seconds
	nick = sbserver.playerName(cn)
	if banner_cn != -1:
		banner_ip = sbserver.playerIpLong(banner_cn)

src/x/s/xsbs-HEAD/src/pyscripts/NamesDb/namesdb.py   xsbs(Download)
	except NoResultFound:
	ent = IpToNick(sbserver.playerIpLong(cn), sbserver.playerName(cn))