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src/f/a/fail2ban-HEAD/fail2ban/tests/filtertestcase.py   fail2ban(Download)
	journal = None
from ..server.jail import Jail
from ..server.filterpoll import FilterPoll
from ..server.filter import Filter, FileFilter, DNSUtils
	def testSetBackend_gh83(self):
		# smoke test
		# Must not fail to initiate
		Jail('test', backend='polling')

src/f/a/fail2ban-HEAD/fail2ban/tests/servertestcase.py   fail2ban(Download)
from ..server.failregex import Regex, FailRegex, RegexException
from ..server.server import Server
from ..server.jail import Jail
	def testLongName(self):
		# Just a smoke test for now
		longname = "veryveryverylongname"
		jail = Jail(longname)
		self.assertEqual(jail.name, longname)