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        def instance_id():
    data = xenbus_read("name")
    m = re.search('instance-([a-z0-9-]+)$', data)

    if not m:
        raise RuntimeError("Cannot parse response from xenbus")
        return m.group(1)

src/s/e/serverondemand-0.0.2/serverondemand/resources/demand_done.py   serverondemand(Download)
# This will normally be included in the composite file that
# the bootstrap process uploads to a new server
    my_id = instance_id()
except NameError:
    from serverondemand.xen import instance_id, instance_region
    my_id = instance_id()

src/s/e/serverondemand-0.0.2/serverondemand/demand.py   serverondemand(Download)
from serverondemand import get_resource
from serverondemand.xen import instance_id, instance_name
from serverondemand.executor import Executor