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Create a queue object with a given maximum size.

If maxsize is <= 0, the queue size is infinite.

src/p/i/pimucHA-0.8.5a/piHAcore/parsecmds.py   pimucHA(Download)
from piHAparsers import (CMDEncoders,cmdcheck,cmdencode)
from .corelibs import (alias2hu,huoralias,hu2alias,hudevice,huencoder,huorhexid)
from .servers import (INPUTq,MESSAGEq,SetupDaemons,TXControllers)

src/p/i/pimucHA-0.8.5a/piHAcore/rpccmds.py   pimucHA(Download)
from .corelibs import (alias2hu,huoralias,hu2alias,hudevice,lsunit)
from .parsecmds import(cmdinputf,cmdinputh)
from .servers import (INPUTq,SetupDaemons,TXControllers)
logger = logging.getLogger()

src/p/i/pimucHA-0.8.5a/piHAcore/actioncmds.py   pimucHA(Download)
from .servers import (INPUTq)
logger = logging.getLogger()