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src/s/u/Sumatra-0.6.0/sumatra/web/views.py   Sumatra(Download)
def list_records(request, project):
    if request.is_ajax():  # only when paginating
        ajaxTempOb = AjaxTemplate(project, request.POST)
        if ajaxTempOb.form.is_valid():
            ajaxTempOb.filter_search(request.POST)  # taking into consideration the search inquiry
        return render_to_response('content.html', ajaxTempOb.getDict())
    else:  # using the form
        if ajaxTempOb.form.is_valid():
            ajaxTempOb.filter_search(ajaxTempOb.form.cleaned_data)  # taking into consideration the search form
            ajaxTempOb.init_object_list(ajaxTempOb.page)  # taking into consideration pagination