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Returns a string compatible with a URL request.

:param dict params: a dictionary. Keys are parameters.

The pair of key/value are converted into a single string by concatenated
the "&key=value" string for each key/value in the dictionary. 


    >>> params = {'a':1, 'b':2}(more...)

src/b/i/bioservices-1.2.6/src/bioservices/uniprot.py   bioservices(Download)
            query = " ".join(query)
        params = {'from':fr, 'to':to, 'format':format, 'query':query}
        params = self.urlencode(params)
        result = self._request_timeout(url+"?"+params, format=format,
                timeout=timeout, trials=trials)
                params['limit'] = limit
        params = self.urlencode(params)
        #res = s.request("/uniprot/?query=zap70+AND+organism:9606&format=xml", params)

src/b/i/bioservices-1.2.6/src/bioservices/picr.py   bioservices(Download)
        if kargs:
            postData = self.urlencode(kargs)
            res = self.request(url + "&" +postData)