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src/s/e/sesame-0.3.2/sesame/cli.py   sesame(Download)
from sesame.core import decrypt
from sesame.core import encrypt
from sesame.core import SesameError
from sesame.utils import ask_create_key
            # check we have a key
            if len(keys) == 0:
                raise SesameError('No keys provided')
            # run encrypt/decrypt
        # fail if input file doesn't exist
        if not os.path.exists(f):
            raise SesameError('File doesn\'t exist at {0}'.format(f))
        # check input not zero-length
        statinfo = os.stat(f)
        if statinfo.st_size == 0:
            raise SesameError('Input file is zero-length ({0})'.format(f))