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A device session requires only a `client_id` to be given. This will only
allow access to a limited subset of API functionality, but can be useful for
impersonating a device.

src/g/e/geotrigger-python-0.1.1/geotrigger/client.py   geotrigger-python(Download)
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from session import GeotriggerApplication, GeotriggerDevice
            self.session = GeotriggerApplication(client_id, client_secret)
        elif client_id:
            self.session = GeotriggerDevice(client_id)
        elif session:
            self.session = session

src/g/e/geotrigger-python-0.1.1/geotrigger/__init__.py   geotrigger-python(Download)
from client import GeotriggerClient
from session import GeotriggerDevice, GeotriggerApplication, GeotriggerException
from version import VERSION