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src/f/o/fos-legacy-HEAD/fos/shader/shaderlib.py   fos-legacy(Download)
""" Meaningful composition of shader programs exposed as a library """
__author__ = 'Stephan Gerhard'
from .shaders import Shader
from .lib import get_shader_code
import pyglet.gl as gl
# load the vary-line-width-shader
def get_vary_line_width_shader():
    return Shader( [get_shader_code('propagatevertex130.vert')],

src/f/o/fos-legacy-HEAD/scratch/shaders/conways.py   fos-legacy(Download)
from pyglet.gl import *
from shaders import Shader
# create the window, but keep it offscreen until we are done with setup
# create our shader
shader = Shader(['''
void main() {
	// transform the vertex position

src/f/o/fos-legacy-HEAD/fos/shader/__init__.py   fos-legacy(Download)
from shaders import Shader
from shaderlib import *