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Base mapping for shove.

src/s/h/shove-0.5.6/shove/store.py   shove(Download)
from collections import MutableMapping
from shove.base import Mapping, FileBase
from shove._compat import anydbm, synchronized, url2pathname
__all__ = 'DBMStore FileStore MemoryStore SimpleStore'.split()
class BaseStore(Mapping, MutableMapping):

src/s/h/shove-0.5.6/shove/cache.py   shove(Download)
from shove._compat import synchronized
from shove.base import Mapping, FileBase
__all__ = (
class SimpleCache(BaseCache, Mapping):
    Single-process in-memory cache.
class SimpleLRUCache(BaseLRUCache, Mapping):
    Single-process in-memory LRU cache that purges based on least recently
    used item.