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Deserializes and optionally decompresses object `value`.

src/s/h/shove-0.5.6/shove/stores/s3.py   shove(Download)
            raise KeyError(key)
        # fetch string
        value = self.loads(rkey.get_contents_as_string())
        # flag that the store has not been updated
        self._updated = False

src/s/h/shove-0.5.6/shove/stores/ftp.py   shove(Download)
            self._store.retrbinary('RETR %s' % key, local.write)
            self._updated = False
            return self.loads(local.getvalue())
            raise KeyError(key)

src/s/h/shove-0.5.6/shove/stores/db.py   shove(Download)
        if row is not None:
            return self.loads(native(row.value))
        raise KeyError(key)