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src/s/k/skdb-HEAD/geom/geom.py   skdb(Download)
from OCC.TopAbs import TopAbs_VERTEX, TopAbs_FACE, TopAbs_WIRE, TopAbs_EDGE
from skdb import Connection, Part, Interface, Unit, FennObject, prettyfloat
import os, math
from copy import copy, deepcopy
class OCC_triple(FennObject):
    '''simplifies wrapping pythonOCC classes like gp_Pnt, gp_Vec etc'''
    doc_format = Template('''wraps $occ_class: $cls(1,2,3) or $cls([1,2,3]) or $cls($occ_name(1,2,3))
    Caution: assigning an attribute like "x" will not affect the underlying $occ_name,
    you have to make a new one instead.''')

src/s/k/skdb-HEAD/doc/proposals/action.py   skdb(Download)
#and then this happened :(
from skdb import FennObject
import tinytree #use graphsynth.Graph instead?
import unittest