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Skeinforge is a GPL tool chain to forge a gcode skein for a model.

The tool chain starts with carve, which carves the model into layers, then the layers are modified by other tools in turn like fill, comb, tower, raft, stretch, hop, wipe, fillet & export.  Each tool automatically gets the gcode from the previous tool.  So if you want a carved & filled gcode, call the fill tool and it will call carve, then it will fill and output the gcode.  If you want to use all the tools, call export and it will call in turn all the other tools down the chain to produce the gcode file.

If you do not want a tool after preface to modify the output, deselect the Activate checkbox for that tool.  When the Activate checkbox is off, the tool will just hand off the gcode to the next tool without modifying it.

The skeinforge module provides a single place to call up all the setting dialogs.  When the 'Skeinforge' button is clicked, skeinforge calls export, since that is the end of the chain.(more...)

src/s/k/SkeinFactory-HEAD/skeinforge/skeinfactory.py   SkeinFactory(Download)
from fabmetheus_utilities import gcodec
from fabmetheus_utilities import settings
from skeinforge_application import skeinforge
import skeinforge_plugins
import Tkinter