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Skeinlayer is an analyze viewer to display each layer of a gcode file.

The skeinlayer manual page is at:

Skeinlayer is derived from Nophead's preview script.  The extruded lines are in the resistor colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & brown.  When the extruder is off, the travel line is grey.  Skeinlayer is useful for a detailed view of the extrusion, skeiniso is better to see the orientation of the shape.  To get an initial overview of the skein, when the skeinlayer display window appears, click the Soar button (double right arrow button beside the layer field).

The default 'Activate Skeinlayer' checkbox is on.  When it is on, the functions described below will work when called from the skeinforge toolchain, when it is off, the functions will not be called from the toolchain.  The functions will still be called, whether or not the 'Activate Skeinlayer' checkbox is on, when skeinlayer is run directly.  Skeinlayer has trouble separating the layers when it reads gcode without comments.(more...)

src/s/f/SFACT-HEAD/sfact.py   SFACT(Download)
from optparse import OptionParser
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_utilities import skeinforge_craft
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_plugins.analyze_plugins import skeinlayer
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_utilities import skeinforge_polyfile
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_utilities import skeinforge_profile