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Statistic is a script to generate statistics a gcode file.

The statistic manual page is at:

The default 'Activate Statistic' checkbox is on.  When it is on, the functions described below will work when called from the skeinforge toolchain, when it is off, the functions will not be called from the toolchain.  The functions will still be called, whether or not the 'Activate Statistic' checkbox is on, when statistic is run directly.


===Extrusion Diameter over Thickness===
Default is 1.25.

The 'Extrusion Diameter over Thickness is the ratio of the extrusion diameter over the layer thickness, the default is 1.25.  The extrusion fill density ratio that is printed to the console, ( it is derived quantity not a parameter ) is the area of the extrusion diameter over the extrusion width over the layer thickness.  Assuming the extrusion diameter is correct, a high value means the filament will be packed tightly, and the object will be almost as dense as the filament.  If the fill density ratio is too high, there could be too little room for the filament, and the extruder will end up plowing through the extra filament.  A low fill density ratio means the filaments will be far away from each other, the object will be leaky and light.  The fill density ratio with the default extrusion settings is around 0.68.

===Print Statistics===
Default is on.

When the 'Print Statistics' checkbox is on, the statistics will be printed to the console.

===Save Statistics===
Default is off.

When the 'Save Statistics' checkbox is on, the statistics will be saved as a .txt file.


An explanation of the gcodes is at:

and at:

A gode example is at:


Below are examples of statistic being used.  These examples are run in a terminal in the folder which contains Screw Holder_penultimate.gcode and statistic.py.  The 'Save Statistics' checkbox is selected.

> python statistic.py
This brings up the statistic dialog.

> python statistic.py Screw Holder_penultimate.gcode
The statistic file is saved as Screw_Holder_penultimate_statistic.txt

> python
Python 2.5.1 (r251:54863, Sep 22 2007, 01:43:31)
[GCC 4.2.1 (SUSE Linux)] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import statistic
>>> statistic.main()
This brings up the statistic dialog.

>>> statistic.getWindowAnalyzeFile('Screw Holder_penultimate.gcode')
The statistics file is saved as Screw Holder_penultimate_statistic.txt

src/s/k/SkeinFactory-HEAD/skeinforge/skeinforge_plugins.py   SkeinFactory(Download)
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_plugins.analyze_plugins import interpret
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_plugins.analyze_plugins import skeinview
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_plugins.analyze_plugins import statistic
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_plugins.analyze_plugins import vectorwrite
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_plugins.craft_plugins import carve