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Profile is a script to set the craft types setting for the skeinforge chain.

Profile presents the user with a choice of the craft types in the profile_plugins folder.  The chosen craft type is used to determine the craft type profile for the skeinforge chain.  The default craft type is extrusion.

The setting is the selection.  If you hit 'Save and Close' the selection will be saved, if you hit 'Cancel' the selection will not be saved.

To change the profile setting, in a shell in the profile folder type:
> python profile.py

src/s/k/SkeinFactory-HEAD/skeinforge/skeinforge_plugins.py   SkeinFactory(Download)
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_plugins import help
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_plugins import meta
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_plugins import profile
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_plugins.analyze_plugins import behold
from skeinforge_application.skeinforge_plugins.analyze_plugins import comment