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src/s/k/SkeinFox-HEAD/2010-02-25_skeinforge_withRaftless/skeinforge_tools/skeinforge_utilities/intercircle.py   SkeinFox(Download)
	def isWithinCircles( self, pixelTable ):
		"Determine if this circle intersection is within the circle node circles."
		absolutePosition = self.getAbsolutePosition()
		squareValues = euclidean.getSquareValuesFromPoint( pixelTable, absolutePosition )
		for squareValue in squareValues:
	def getWithinNodes( self, pixelTable ):
		"Get the nodes this circle node is within."
		withinNodes = []
		squareValues = euclidean.getSquareValuesFromPoint( pixelTable, 0.5 * self.circle )
		for squareValue in squareValues: