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src/s/k/SkeinFox-HEAD/2010-02-25_skeinforge_withRaftless/skeinforge_tools/craft_plugins/cleave.py   SkeinFox(Download)
class CleaveSkein( svg_codec.SVGCodecSkein ):
	"A class to cleave a carving."
	def getCarvedSVG( self, carving, fileName, repository ):
		"Parse gnu triangulated surface text and store the cleaved gcode."
		self.carving = carving

src/s/k/SkeinFox-HEAD/2010-02-25_skeinforge_withRaftless/skeinforge_tools/craft_plugins/chop.py   SkeinFox(Download)
class ChopSkein( svg_codec.SVGCodecSkein ):
	"A class to chop a carving."
	def addExtraTopLayerIfNecessary( self, rotatedBoundaryLayers ):
		"Add extra top layer if necessary."
		topRotatedBoundaryLayer = rotatedBoundaryLayers[ - 1 ]

src/s/k/SkeinFox-HEAD/2010-02-25_skeinforge_withRaftless/skeinforge_tools/craft_plugins/carve.py   SkeinFox(Download)
class CarveSkein( svg_codec.SVGCodecSkein ):
	"A class to carve a carving."
	def addRotatedLoopLayerToOutput( self, layerIndex, rotatedBoundaryLayer ):
		"Add rotated boundary layer to the output."
		self.addLayerBegin( layerIndex, rotatedBoundaryLayer.z )

src/s/k/SkeinFox-HEAD/2010-02-25_skeinforge_withRaftless/skeinforge_tools/analyze_plugins/vectorwrite.py   SkeinFox(Download)
class VectorwriteSkein( svg_codec.SVGCodecSkein ):
	"A class to vectorwrite a carving."
	def addLoops( self, loops, pathStart ):
		"Add loops to the output."
		loopString = ''