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src/s/c/scikit-learn-0.14.1/sklearn/tests/test_common.py   scikit-learn(Download)
from sklearn.utils.testing import assert_array_equal
from sklearn.utils.testing import assert_array_almost_equal
from sklearn.utils.testing import all_estimators
from sklearn.utils.testing import meta_estimators
from sklearn.utils.testing import set_random_state
def test_all_estimators():
    # Test that estimators are default-constructible, clonable
    # and have working repr.
    estimators = all_estimators(include_meta_estimators=True)
    classifier = LDA()
def test_all_estimator_no_base_class():
    for name, Estimator in all_estimators():
        msg = ("Base estimators such as {0} should not be included"
               " in all_estimators").format(name)
        assert_false(name.lower().startswith('base'), msg=msg)
    X = sparse.csr_matrix(X)
    y = (4 * rng.rand(40)).astype(np.int)
    estimators = all_estimators()
    estimators = [(name, Estimator) for name, Estimator in estimators
                  if issubclass(Estimator, (ClassifierMixin, RegressorMixin))]
def test_transformers():
    # test if transformers do something sensible on training set
    # also test all shapes / shape errors
    transformers = all_estimators(type_filter='transformer')
    X, y = make_blobs(n_samples=30, centers=[[0, 0, 0], [1, 1, 1]],