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This module provides socket operations and some related functions.
On Unix, it supports IP (Internet Protocol) and Unix domain sockets.
On other systems, it only supports IP. Functions specific for a
socket are available as methods of the socket object.


socket() -- create a new socket object
socketpair() -- create a pair of new socket objects [*]
fromfd() -- create a socket object from an open file descriptor [*](more...)

src/h/e/heroku-playframework-HEAD/play-1.2.2RC1/samples-and-tests/i-am-a-developer/mechanize/_sockettimeout.py   heroku-playframework(Download)
import socket
except AttributeError:

src/h/e/heroku-playframework-HEAD/play-1.2.2RC1/samples-and-tests/i-am-a-developer/mechanize/_http.py   heroku-playframework(Download)
import time, htmlentitydefs, logging, socket, \
       urllib2, urllib, httplib, sgmllib
from urllib2 import URLError, HTTPError, BaseHandler

src/h/e/heroku-playframework-HEAD/play-1.2.2RC1/samples-and-tests/i-am-a-developer/mechanize/_file.py   heroku-playframework(Download)
import mimetools
import os
import socket
import urllib
from urllib2 import BaseHandler, URLError

src/s/l/SlopPy-HEAD/Mac/Demo/example2/dnslookup-2.py   SlopPy(Download)
import FrameWork
import EasyDialogs
from Carbon import Res
from Carbon import Dlg
import socket

src/s/l/SlopPy-HEAD/Mac/Demo/example1/dnslookup-1.py   SlopPy(Download)
from Carbon import Res
from Carbon import Dlg
import socket
import string
import macresource

src/e/p/EPROM-HEAD/Code/J2ME/Vidya Lectures/Lecture2/Examples/fileserver/fsgui.py   EPROM(Download)
import appuifw
import socket
import os
import e32

src/e/p/EPROM-HEAD/Code/J2ME/Vidya Lectures/Lecture2/Examples/fileserver/fileclient.py   EPROM(Download)
def connect(port='/dev/ttyS4',use_tcp=0,verbose=0):
    if use_tcp:
        import socket

src/g/d/gdata-2.0.18/samples/apps/marketplace_sample/atom/service.py   gdata(Download)
import re
import base64
import socket
import warnings

src/g/d/gdata-2.0.18/samples/apps/marketplace_sample/atom/http_core.py   gdata(Download)
    proxy_auth = _get_proxy_auth()
    if uri.scheme == 'https':
      import socket
      if proxy_auth:
        proxy_auth = 'Proxy-authorization: %s' % proxy_auth

src/g/d/gdata-2.0.18/samples/apps/marketplace_sample/atom/http.py   gdata(Download)
import atom.url
import atom.http_interface
import socket
import base64
import atom.http_core

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