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src/s/o/social_media_brand_disambiguator-HEAD/tweet_annotator.py   social_media_brand_disambiguator(Download)
    inp = raw_input("0 for out-of-class, {}1 for in-class (i.e. this is the brand){},\n<return> to ignore (e.g. for non-English or irrelevant tweets):".format(GREEN_COLOUR, END_COLOUR))
    cls = sql_convenience.CLASS_UNKNOWN
    if inp.strip() == "0":
        print("out of class")
def determine_class_and_insert_tweet(tweet, db_conn, annotations_table, keyword):
    cls = determine_class(tweet, keyword)
    if cls != sql_convenience.CLASS_UNKNOWN:
        sql_convenience.insert_tweet(tweet, cls, db_conn, annotations_table)