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Python testtools extension for running unittest suites concurrently.

The `testtools` project provides a ConcurrentTestSuite class, but does
not provide a `make_tests` implementation needed to use it.

This allows you to parallelize a test run across a configurable number of
worker processes. On multi-core CPUs, this will speed up CPU-bound test
runs. In any case it is useful for IO-bound tests that spend most of their time
waiting for data to arrive from disk or network and as such benefit from

src/s/s/sst-0.2.4/src/sst/tests/test_concurrency.py   sst(Download)
import testtools
from sst import (

src/s/s/sst-0.2.4/src/sst/runtests.py   sst(Download)
import testtools
from sst import (