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int(x=0) -> int or long
int(x, base=10) -> int or long

Convert a number or string to an integer, or return 0 if no arguments
are given.  If x is floating point, the conversion truncates towards zero.
If x is outside the integer range, the function returns a long instead.

If x is not a number or if base is given, then x must be a string or
Unicode object representing an integer literal in the given base.  The
literal can be preceded by '+' or '-' and be surrounded by whitespace.(more...)

src/l/i/lib-pyFreenet-staging-HEAD/fcp/freenetfs.py   lib-pyFreenet-staging(Download)
            'mode'   : mode,
            'inode'  : info[stat.ST_INO],
            'dev'    : info[stat.ST_DEV],
            'nlink'  : info[stat.ST_NLINK],
            'uid'    : info[stat.ST_UID],
        if statrec:
            # yes, extract main items
            dev = statrec[stat.ST_DEV]
            nlink = statrec[stat.ST_NLINK]
            uid = statrec[stat.ST_UID]
        statrec[stat.ST_MODE] |= mode
        statrec[stat.ST_INO] = inode
        statrec[stat.ST_DEV] = dev
        statrec[stat.ST_NLINK] = nlink
        statrec[stat.ST_UID] = uid
        if attr == 'dev':
            return self[stat.ST_DEV]
        if attr == 'nlink':
            self[stat.ST_IMO] = val
        elif attr == 'dev':
            self[stat.ST_DEV] = val
        elif attr == 'nlink':
            self[stat.ST_NLINK] = val

src/r/d/rdiff-backup-HEAD/rdiff_backup/rpath.py   rdiff-backup(Download)
	data['gid'] = statblock[stat.ST_GID]
	data['inode'] = statblock[stat.ST_INO]
	data['devloc'] = statblock[stat.ST_DEV]
	data['nlink'] = statblock[stat.ST_NLINK]

src/l/o/LODGrefine-HEAD/lod2-google-refine/extensions/jython/module/MOD-INF/lib/jython/os.py   LODGrefine(Download)
      ('st_mode', _stat.ST_MODE),
      ('st_ino', _stat.ST_INO),
      ('st_dev', _stat.ST_DEV),
      ('st_nlink', _stat.ST_NLINK),
      ('st_uid', _stat.ST_UID),

src/o/p/openvault-core-HEAD/hydra-jetty/webapps/media/WEB-INF/lib/Lib/os.py   openvault-core(Download)
      ('st_mode', _stat.ST_MODE),
      ('st_ino', _stat.ST_INO),
      ('st_dev', _stat.ST_DEV),
      ('st_nlink', _stat.ST_NLINK),
      ('st_uid', _stat.ST_UID),

src/h/a/hardlinker-0.5.3/hardlinker/tools.py   hardlinker(Download)
def isAlreadyHardlinked(st1, st2):
    """ True is two files have the same inode and are on the same device """
    result = (
        (st1[stat.ST_INO] == st2[stat.ST_INO]) and # Inodes equal
        (st1[stat.ST_DEV] == st2[stat.ST_DEV])     # Devices equal
        'nogid': lambda x, y: x[stat.ST_GID] == y[stat.ST_GID],
        'notimestamp': lambda x, y: x[stat.ST_MTIME] == y[stat.ST_MTIME],
        '__noopt__': lambda x, y: x[stat.ST_DEV] == y[stat.ST_DEV],
        print "MTIME:", st1[stat.ST_MTIME], st2[stat.ST_MTIME]
        print "Ignore date:", options.notimestamp
        print "Device:", st1[stat.ST_DEV], st2[stat.ST_DEV]
    return result

src/g/r/GridBackup-HEAD/grid_backup/path.py   GridBackup(Download)
        meta_dict = _build_metadata_dict(self.path_string, statobj)
        return meta_dict, statblock[stat.ST_DEV]
    data['ownr'] = "%d:%d" % (statblock[stat.ST_UID], statblock[stat.ST_GID])
    if (statblock[stat.ST_NLINK] > 1 and typ != 'dir'):
        data['inode'] = ( statblock[stat.ST_INO], statblock[stat.ST_DEV] )
    if typ != 'sym' and typ != 'dev':

src/l/f/lfm-2.3/lfm/files.py   lfm(Download)
        return (st[stat.ST_NLINK], st[stat.ST_UID], st[stat.ST_GID],
                st[stat.ST_ATIME], st[stat.ST_MTIME], st[stat.ST_CTIME],
                st[stat.ST_DEV], st[stat.ST_INO])

src/p/y/pyJasper-HEAD/pyjasper/backend/lib/Lib/os.py   pyJasper(Download)
      ('st_mode', _stat.ST_MODE),
      ('st_ino', _stat.ST_INO),
      ('st_dev', _stat.ST_DEV),
      ('st_nlink', _stat.ST_NLINK),
      ('st_uid', _stat.ST_UID),

src/c/o/com.pittypanda.plugins.couch-HEAD/couchapp/Lib/os.py   com.pittypanda.plugins.couch(Download)
      ('st_mode', _stat.ST_MODE),
      ('st_ino', _stat.ST_INO),
      ('st_dev', _stat.ST_DEV),
      ('st_nlink', _stat.ST_NLINK),
      ('st_uid', _stat.ST_UID),

src/b/a/babble-HEAD/include/jython/Lib/os.py   babble(Download)
    ('st_mode', _stat.ST_MODE),
    ('st_ino', _stat.ST_INO),
    ('st_dev', _stat.ST_DEV),
    ('st_nlink', _stat.ST_NLINK),
    ('st_uid', _stat.ST_UID),

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