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src/s/t/stratuslab-client-14.03.0/stratuslab/HttpClient.py   stratuslab-client(Download)
from stratuslab import Util
from stratuslab.ConfigHolder import ConfigHolder
from stratuslab.Exceptions import ServerException
from stratuslab.Exceptions import ClientException
from stratuslab.Exceptions import NetworkException
        def _handle5xx(resp):
            if retry:
                return self._httpCall(url, method, body, contentType, accept, False)
            raise ServerException('Failed calling method %s on url %s, with reason: %s' %
                                         (method, url, str(resp.status) + ": " + resp.reason),

src/s/t/stratuslab-client-14.03.0/stratuslab/volume_manager/PersistentDisk.py   stratuslab-client(Download)
from stratuslab import Defaults
from stratuslab.Authn import UsernamePasswordCredentialsLoader
from stratuslab.Exceptions import ValidationException, ClientException, \
    ServerException, ConfigurationException
from stratuslab.ConfigHolder import ConfigHolder