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        def sleep(seconds):

src/s/t/stratuslab-client-14.03.0/stratuslab/system/centos.py   stratuslab-client(Download)
    def _configureKvm(self):
        super(CentOS, self)._configureKvm()
        self.executeCmd(['/etc/init.d/libvirtd start'])
        # Sleep to give a chance to libvirt to create the libvirt-sock

src/s/t/stratuslab-client-14.03.0/stratuslab/Testor.py   stratuslab-client(Download)
from stratuslab.volume_manager.volume_manager_factory import VolumeManagerFactory
from stratuslab.vm_manager.vm_manager_factory import VmManagerFactory
from stratuslab.Util import sleep, filePutContent
from stratuslab.Util import printStep, printInfo, printWarning
from stratuslab.image.Image import Image
        self.vmIds = []
        # Wait for the pdisk hook to be executed
    def _formatDisk(self, runner, device):