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Provides a reader/writer for batches of Thrift messages stored in flat

Defaults to streamcorpus.StreamItem and can be used with any
Thrift-defined objects.

This software is released under an MIT/X11 open source license.

Copyright 2012 Diffeo, Inc.

src/s/t/streamcorpus-0.3.30/src/streamcorpus/test_chunk.py   streamcorpus(Download)
from . import Versions
from . import StreamItem_v0_2_0, StreamItem_v0_3_0
from streamcorpus import _chunk
TEST_XZ_PATH = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), '../../../test-data/john-smith-tagged-by-lingpipe-0-v0_2_0.sc.xz')