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src/s/t/streamcorpus_pipeline-0.5.23.dev1/streamcorpus_pipeline/tests/test_dedup.py   streamcorpus_pipeline(Download)
import streamcorpus_pipeline
from streamcorpus_pipeline._dedup import dedup
from streamcorpus_pipeline._pipeline import PipelineFactory
from streamcorpus_pipeline.stages import PipelineStages
def test_dedup_debugging_config(test_data_dir, tmpdir):
    ## first test the debugging config
    context = {}
    d1 = dedup({
def test_dedup_production_config(test_data_dir):
    ## now test the production config
    context = {}
    d1 = dedup({
        ## operate on which part of si.body